Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Another Tip on Keeping Cool Before You Call the A/C Guy- Check the Batteries in Your Programable Thermostat.

In a previous post I related a tip about making sure your whole house humidifier was indeed turned off for the summer.

Today I would like to post another article on the same topic. Yep, I Learn new stuff Every Day

Yes it has been 100+ degrees here in ChicagoLand for a few days.  I walked into my house today, and it's not quite as cool as I think it should be. I thought the A/C unit at this point just can't keep up.. However the new A/C unit is only on it's second season and it should be cooler. Off to the Internet I Go..

Seems my programmable thermostat has batteries in it to keep it "talking" my A/C unit.  A quick search on the net said most of them do. So I put some new batteries in and now all is Cool!   The bottom line is keep that thermostat "Talking" to your A/C unit

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